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LED Running sequence using tRIO

An Arduino compatible board for remote IO control.

This is a simple project done using tRIO, design by 3E Gadgets. It is use to perform a running LED lights display with 8 sections. Comes with preset speed control, from 0…9 whereby 0 is the fastest and 9 the slowest. It also saved the last setting into EEPROM so that when it is powered up again, it will load back the last settings.

We create this project to control 8 strips of 12V LED. It is display in a running sequence with speed setting adjustment.

This board comes with 8 drivers (the high current MOSFET) and 4 buttons input. Which makes it an ideal choice for my project as I do not need additional circuitry to driver the LED strip at 12Vdc.

It also comes with a SPI function for a serial-parallel + driver (current source, ULN2981). This feature comes in handy as I could use it for display a single digit 7 segment display. Once again without me having to build additional circuitry.

Of course for the 7-segment, I need to use a small prototyping board to add on.



Add-on 7 Segment Display – Front View

Add-on 7 Segment Display – Back View








This is the complete board.

You can download the source code :  eight_running.



















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