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LED display – Time Tunnel with RF remote control

LED display – Time Tunnel with RF remote control from Adrian Koh on Vimeo.
We created a control system with RF remote control to control the moving in and out of LED lighting along a tunnel / walkway. The lights used for display could be T5 florescent tube (which we use relays for control) or LED lights, LED strips and etc.

In this project we uses tRIO from 3E Gadgets and added 4 more MOSFET to control addition outputs relays, making it 20 outputs channel (Relays). This board comes with on-board 8 channel MOSFET for current sinking outputs and 8 channels using SPI to shift register (74HC595) with ULN2981 current sourcing outputs. With these outputs, it makes up to 16 channel and we needed 4 more outputs.

Therefore, we added it from A2, A3 and the I2C connection which is A4 and A5. With these pins, we make simple prototype board with MOSFET to drive 4 more relays making the whole circuit with 20 output channels.

Ready to go….


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