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Is the Itsy Bitsy TinyDuino right for you ?

Volume 36 of the popular Make magazine (cover as shown below) talks about which is the right Micro-controller and Single-Board computer for you.

Make Magazine Volume 36 Cover Page

Make Magazine Volume 36 Cover Page


The TinyDuino was featured on the cover and mentioned as well on page 53 (shown below).

Page 53 Make Magazine Volume 36

Page 53 Make Magazine Volume 36

The TinyDuino (from TinyCircuits, USA) is an Arduino compatible board in an ultra compact package.

Size comparison of TinyCircuit Boards with Singapore coins

Size comparison of TinyCircuit Boards with Singapore coins

The size, or rather the lack of it, is a major advantage. This makes possible very small devices or gadgets for wearables and hidables.

The good news is that the TinyDuino is available right here in Singapore from 3E Gadgets Pte. Ltd., the sole distributor. No more waiting several days to get your ‘fix’ after ordering an item on-line. But please bear with us if we do run out of stocks occasionally due to the demand.

Expansion circuit boards or shields, called TinyShields, are available for you to add capabilities like USB interfacing, Bluetooth communication and Accelerometer functionality. The list goes on as more TinyShields are made available.

For a start, we recommend the TinyDuino Starter Kit as this package comes with the eye-catching ‘TinyShield 16 Edge LEDs’ that allows you to create impressive Itsy Bitsy gadgets with ease.

Watch the following video that show-cases what the TinyDuino can do.

A total of 4 boards are stacked on top of each other. The upper-most board is the ‘TinyShield 16 Edge LEDs’. Below it lies the ‘TinyShield USB & ICP’ board for uploading of arduino sketches. This is followed by the TinyShield Accelerometer (available separately) for detection of orientation as well as movements. The last board on the stack is the TinyDuino Processor Board (with Battery holder).


So do you think this Itsy Bitsy TinyDuino is right for you?



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