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Fun with a USB Microscope #1 – The Singapore Puzzle

USB Microscope

A USB Microscope, as shown in the picture above, embodies the elements of

Education, Electronics & Entertainment.

This microscope would be a fabulous birthday gift for the inquisitive one.

The microscope is available Here.

The Articulated Arm Stand is separately available Here.

It’s fun to put familiar objects under the microscope and discover unfamiliar images.

It’s even more fun to let others guess the objects from the images.

The following is an unassuming image of a common object I took

using the USB microscope with a magnification factor of 165.

What do you think it is ?

(For those who knows the answer,

let your friends have the benefit of guessing before you reveal the answer.)

For those who can’t wait to see the answer, go to

Fun with a USB Microscope #1 – Answer to The Singapore Puzzle

Object 1, Image at 165x

Many of us would encounter this item every day

but how many of us would recognise it when viewed this way ?

The object is just screaming to be heard.

The following image is a another common object. What do you think it is ?

Object 2, Image at 165x

Does the similarity in these two images mean anything to you ?

Let your imagination run wild.

The following images reveal a little more of both objects.

Object 1, Image at 35x

Object 2, Image at 35x

 Are you able to make a more educated  guess ?

Both objects are shown at ten times magnification below.

Object 1, Image at 10x


Object 2, Image at 10x

Is it obvious at this point what the objects are?

For answers, go to

Fun with a USB Microscope #1 – Answer to The Singapore Puzzle



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