Fun with a USB Microscope #1- Answer to The Singapore Puzzle

In a preceding article titled Fun with a USB Microscope #1 – The Singapore Puzzle,

The following image was shown and the reader was asked to identify the object.

Object 1, Image at 165x

And the object is . . .

$2 note under Microscope

a two dollar Singapore note, shown above being placed under the microscope.

The following pictorially depicts where the images are taken from.

Two dollar note

And object 2 is . . .

A ten dollar Singapore note of course.

Now that you know the familiar objects behind these unfamiliar images,

let’s see more unfamiliar images.

You could probably guess where these images, at 165 times magnification, are taken from.

Single Dot, Image at 165x

Dual Dots, Image at 165x

Yes ? No ?

The following images at 20 times magnification would probably look more familiar.

Single Dot, Image at 20x

Dual Dots, Image at 20x

What are the circles for ?

They are Braille codes printed in heavy intaglio ink at the top right corner on the front of the notes.

They allow visually handicapped users to recognise the different denominations by touch.

Have you heard the question “Can you find the spider image on the Singapore two dollar note ?”

I’ve not been able to find any spider so far. Please let me know if you do find any.

I’ve however found something else.

Bats, Image at 20x

Look closely at the image above. This is the lower end of the number “2”

prominently printed on the front of the note.

Bats ! Or more precisely, symbols of bats as depicted in classical Chinese culture.

Bats are consideredĀ  auspicious symbols for prosperity.

Would anyone be able to enlighten why bats are found on our Singapore two dollar notes;

assuming they are bats in the first place.

How about the following objects embedded in the numbers on other notes ??

Five Dollar Note

Ten Dollar Note

Fifty Dollar Note

You be the judge and decide if this short sharing on our common every day Singapore note

is education, entertainment, both orĀ  …

The microscope is able to record video too.

The following video is a summary of this article.

Please stay tune for more Fun with a USB Microscope articles.

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